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If I were 22, I would…..

Focus on what touches my heart and moves my spirit, as this is how one’s greatest life work will be achieved.

Ask questions and not make assumptions, to learn all that life wants to teach me.

Invest my time wisely to receive the greatest return on my time invested.

Thank family and friends frequently, no matter how small their task or gesture.

Honor humility, as the world is not here to serve me, rather I am here to serve the world.

If I were 22, I would…..

Hope for greater equality for everyone - everyday, everywhere on earth.

Open my senses more to see and feel nature’s incredible therapeutic gifts.

Perfect the power of positive thinking and intention for myself and others.

Earn everything and not ask for or expect anything I didn’t contribute to.

If I were 22, I would…..

Learn from great people, their lessons can be a wonderful shortcut.

Obviate every sign I receive to assure I don’t miss my greatest calling.

Value love more, and believe in its power to change my life and the world.

Envision the life I long for and continually focus my energy towards achieving it.